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AMCS Technologie bringt wesentliche Verbesserungen für Ihr Unternehmen. Eine Aussage, die wir jeden Tag unter Beweis stellen. Innovationen, die die auf den Abfall zugeschnittene Erfahrung mit optimierter Genauigkeit und Effizienz neu definieren. Bleiben Sie dran und lesen Sie alles in diesem News-Bereich

17 Okt 2018

Implementation of AMCS Intelligent Optimisation successfully completed

“On time and within budget”

At CNC Grondstoffen, Twan Stevens is involved in his capacity as ICT Project Manager in the implementation of AMCS Intelligent Optimisation - the Fleet Planner route optimisation software. CNC is one of the biggest suppliers in Europe of substrates for growing mushrooms. CNC chose AMCS in 2016. Stevens: “We regard AMCS as an important partner, both in the present and the future.”

Price-quality ratio

Why did they choose AMCS? Stevens: “We found AMCS on the basis of a single, independent recommendation. AMCS turned out to be the supplier that suits us best. On the one hand, as regards the solutions they offer. On the other hand, because of the price-quality ratio. There was also an immediate match with the consultants. Altogether, three good reasons to do business with AMCS. By means of a proof-of-concept, they demonstrated that they had the best solution for us: Fleet Planner, Web Portal and Mobile Web. The POC was completed with a positive result, and then we started on the implementation process. The implementation has now been successfully completed.”

The heart of the application

Stevens: “For us, Fleet Planner is the heart of the application. That’s where all the planning activities take place, such as optimising the routes. The Web Portal was selected because we can use it to resolve two issues. Firstly, the drivers can plan their routes via this portal. Secondly, we want to offer our hauliers access to that portal to store assignments, so that they can link their vehicles to them by registration number. We use Mobile Web specifically for our drivers. They can view the routes on their tablets and then work to those routes. We can use the generated data for all kinds of analyses.”

The big strength of Fleet Planner

What is the main strength of Fleet Planner for CNC? Stevens: “In our business, we have a complex and somewhat unique challenge: we have to ensure that we arrive at our customers with two different products (freights) and one machine simultaneously. AMCS was one of the few who could resolve this challenge for us. That’s where the big strength of Fleet Planner lies for us. The application was launched in two phases: First we implemented the incoming stream of raw materials, and then the outgoing stream. We tested the application for three weeks for each phase before going live. We tested according to about three hundred criteria. In addition, we ran through about twenty scenarios.”

Within budget

How did the implementation go? Stevens: “Apart from a few hiccups, the launch of Phase A went very well. We learned from these experiences, so that the launch of Phase B went pretty well without a hitch and without any delay. An important factor is that we stayed within budget. And the results? Now that the drivers are working with Mobile Workforce (a mobile tablet solution), we have up-to-date information. That is information that we didn’t have previously. Also, we now have data available with which we can perform analyses. For example, concerning the reliability of our deliveries to customers, the perception of our service level, and the duration of our actions. We now have much more direct insight into our transport movements.”

Super Key User

How are people finding it to use the system? Stevens: “In Phase A, the route planning was rather different than what the drivers were used to. We devoted a lot of attention to driver training. In the second phase, the drivers started using Mobile Web. We trained one driver as a Super Key User, and this driver coached his fellow drivers in the opening phase. All drivers were issued with a tablet. We are very positive about the use of tablets. Everything is now in one kind of hardware, and that makes it easier to manage for our IT department.”

Better analyses

When we turn to the operational advantages for CNC, Stevens mainly sees these in the data that is generated: “We can now make much better analyses based on the available data. The application makes suggestions to assist planners in making their decisions. We also see the growing commitment of the drivers to the business, thanks to the use of the application, as an operational advantage. All of them are advantages that form the key to success in the near future.”

High level of proactivity

Stevens also finds the innovation associated with the AMCS solutions important: “For example, AMCS has a ‘roadmap’ that we want to make use of in a number of respects. Especially when it comes to onboard computer technologies. We want to connect these to the application. We will therefore definitely ask AMCS, as an important partner for the future, to work proactively with us in finding solutions for other issues. In that case, it may have less to do with transport and more with production planning. We noticed that AMCS is open to this idea. As strengths of AMCS, I would once again mention the solutions they offer, the consultancy we worked with, the high level of proactivity, and the superlative support. All in all, we are really positive about the partnership.”

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