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Echtzeit-Routenplanung, Transportoptimierung und Übermittlung von Distributions- und Abfuhrrouten für die verschiedensten Branchen.

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Hohe Mobilität und Effizienz in einer sehr anspruchsvollen und dynamischen Planungsumgebung.

Fleet Planner

Für Echtzeit-Routenplanung, Transportoptimierung und Versand

AMCS Fleet Planner ist die Standardlösung von AMCS zur Echtzeit-Routenplanung, für die Transportoptimierung und die Übermittlung von Distributions- und Abfuhrrouten für die verschiedensten Branchen.

Fleet Planner modules

Fleet Planner Overview

Fleet Planner Overview For real-time route planning, transportation optimisation and dispatching

The system is highly user-friendly, provides a complete overview of the transportation and supports the planner through Gantt charts, order banks, route lists and digital maps. It is equipped with a wide range of manual and automatic planning functions, which can effectively support the planner in planning and optimising the daily collections and distribution/ pickup. The system is a powerful tool for dispatching and real-time transportation optimisation, which helps companies achieve agility and efficiency in highly demanding and dynamic planning environments. 



  • Reductions in mileage, CO2 emissions and driving time of 5-20%
  • Reduction of 5-10% in the number of vehicles
  • Decrease in planning time of 25-75%
  • Significantly improved customer service and visit accuracy
  • Mobile solutions and web portals
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Reporting Closely monitoring of the transportation via numerous KPI calculations

The module AMCS Reporting provides the ability to closely monitor the transportation and the related business both on an overall level and in details via numerous KPI calculations.


The AMCS Reporting module can, for example, be used to set up extended management/call center/logistics reports and/or advanced operational reports. As the layout and the content of the reports can be customer-configured, only relevant data is displayed to the relevant parties.


Reports could for example include the following: Weekly trip report (overall level), daily trip report all vehicles (overall level), daily trip report (vehicle level), customer service (overall level), customer service (vehicle level), loading list publishing, warehouse activities, warehouse performance and forecast report.

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Forecasting Advanced forecasting to optimize timing of stock replenishment or stock collection

The AMCS Forecasting module is an advanced forecasting tool and an integrated part of AMCS’s planning systems.


Based on historical data, the module forecasts the replenishment time of stocks, or reversed, forecasts when stocks are filled up and need collection. AMCS Forecasting automatically generates orders, which are moved to the planning system’s order bank for planning.


The forecasts are generated based on historical data. The more historical data that are in the system the better, but the system can also forecast based on only one or two weeks of data. The short term data provide insight into the trends at the current stage, and data going one or more years back will have a smoothing effect on the forecasting making it more precise.

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Geocoding For automatic geocoding, cleansing data, searching addresses and verifying positions

The module AMCS Geocoding possesses outstanding geocoding algorithms for automatic geocoding of address data.


Based on address data the module automatically positions orders/customers geographically by assigning X and Y coordinates. Moreover, the module shows a report on the geocoding quality. Thereby, the user is enabled to verify positions and/or change suggested positions by spelling the address again or by pointing in the map.


The AMCS Geocoding module serves purposes such as:

  • Automatic geocoding
  • Cleansing data
  • Searching addresses (auto-complete when typing address)
  • Verifying positions
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What-if Simulations

What-if Simulations What-if simulations for analysis, simulation and assessment of strategic decisions

The module AMCS Analysis can be used for developing what-if-scenarios. This is highly useful when analyzing, simulating and assessing the consequences in regards to possible changes to terminal structure/placement, selection of vehicle types, subdividing areas into territories, changing customer conditions, or in relation to transportation negotiations and bidding.


With AMCS Analysis it is possible to:

  • Simulate what-if scenarios
  • Estimate long-term resource demand according to the expected level of activity
  • Calculate and define the desired service level provided to customers
  • Make reports of key performance indicators
  • Make budgets for future periods
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Loading Automatic load optimization and stacking of goods based on route plans

With the AMCS Loading module, users are able to perform automatic load optimisation and stacking of goods based on route plans generated by AMCS’s route planning system. This means that it is possible to find the best way of packing the goods while still respecting the order sequences on each route.


AMCS Loading is an integral module of AMCS’s planning systems. Based on data regarding truck dimensions and the dimensions of the ordered goods, the 3D load planning algorithm of the system creates an effective loading plan. Subsequently, the loading plan is sent to the ERP/WMS.

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Das System ist äußerst benutzerfreundlich, bietet einen vollständigen Überblick über den Transport und unterstützt den Planer mithilfe von Ganttdiagrammen, Auftragsdatenbanken, Routenlisten und digitalen Straßenkarten. Es verfügt über eine Vielzahl von manuellen und automatischen Planungsfunktionen, die den Planer effektiv bei der Planung und Optimierung der täglichen Entsorgung und Auslieferung/Abholung unterstützen.

Dieses System ist ein leistungsfähiges Instrument für die Abfertigung und die Transportoptimierung in Echtzeit und ermöglicht den Unternehmen eine hohe Mobilität und Effizienz in einer sehr anspruchsvollen und dynamischen Planungsumgebung. Mit dem AMCS Fleet Planner lassen sich die Service Levels wesentlich verbessern und gleichzeitig signifikante Kosteneinsparungen erzielen.

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